Bonfire is Hiring!

Are you ready to join our team of beer/snow/bike/music/sun/kayak/dog/ mountain loving people?

We’re in the midst of an expansion and have several positions open.  Apply today!

How did this begin?

We get asked this question often.  Answering it is always simple — it began with beer.  A mad scientist of sorts creating a machine in the garage that churned out deliciousness.  Two housemates that wanted to see beer come out of the wall.  And the bubbling desire to create a product and a place the entire community could embrace.

Our location became available at precisely the right time for us to jump in.  A team came together to create what people mean when they say “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  The legal structure was created, the business plan was written, the sweat and labor were expended, and many cardboard boxes of PBR were dispensed with.

Much of what you see now at 127 Second St. was a part of the vision from the very beginning — the size of the system, the shuffleboard table, the type of beers we liked, even the style of bar stools.  And much of it came along as inspiration or happenstance as we continued to push forward.  Our bar top?  A gentleman happened to be tearing down one of Eagle’s oldest buildings during the summer months we were under construction — our bar is now built completely from reclaimed materials with more history than Wikipedia.  The tap box?  Born of the same wood and some creative welding.

What has and always will drive us is the overarching goal to create a revolving energy between our place and our product.  Beer is a social lubricant and it is intended for consumption in an environment that takes full advantage of that.  That concept has remained static since the day in our living room, when we landed on the name “Bonfire.”  Each of us enjoyed our first glass of liquid courage around a bonfire with friends — now we’re simply hosting the same sort of fire for a town of 6,000 people.

There are always hurdles to clear (or in our case, incinerate), but our focus remains white-hot and you can feel the warmth every time you step through our doors.

Here it is!

Welcome to our brand spankin’ new website! We’ve been working on it since before we were a glimmer in our parent’s eyes, and we hope it’s useful enough for you to spend some of your precious facebook allocated time on. It’s got everything from basic info, to hilarious bios, beer details, and an in-progress section dedicated to making finding our beer easier. You can also look forward to a feature allowing you to potentially dictate what gets made next at Second Street, or even what gets canned next season at the big shop. Look around, don’t drink any milk unless you want to squirt it out your nose, and feel free to let us know where we’ve forgotten to type words.


We built a bigger Bonfire!

As we’re fond of saying around here, Bonfire Brewing began in a garage, before upgrading to a much larger garage. In 2012, the time came to upgrade to the big brother of all garages — 15,000 square feet of warehouse and office space that allows us to bring more beer to more Bonfire faithful. As you might imagine, we ran around in circles shrieking like freed monkeys when we got the keys to the new building on Chambers Court. It was a wee bit more space than the metal box we were previously crammed into.

With two loading docks, up to 6000 BBLs of yearly brewing capacity to start, an innovative canning line, and room to grow, this expansion project immediately increased our production capability by 1000%. Beer flowing from our new facility began reaching lips last fall, and the equipment at 127 W Second St. continues to pump out small batch, experimental brews served solely at the tap room.  Deliciousness!