My name is Tim, and I work at Bonfire Brewing. My job involves selling, delivering, and pouring beer. I help with the canning and bottling too. Sometimes model new clothing items, or do other such random things. Do I feed the fire, or does the fire feed me?

I sat at the bar for the first time in late September 2012. It was a Friday, and I brought in Moe’s BBQ for dinner. The place was pretty full, and a band was setting up to play. There were no more than 10 beers on the menu (I think I had only ever drunk the Blonde up to that point), and I asked Andy to pick one for me. It was a fresh hop IPA called Farmer Wirtz named after the man who brewed it. The hops used in the beer were grown outside the tasting room. “Awesome,” I thought. After I took a sip, “Delicious,” I said. ┬áThat night, I met a handful of regular customers who I would soon be serving beer to. Jeff and Karen come to mind. I’m pretty sure they gave me a more detailed rundown of the history of Bonfire and how it came to exist than Andy did at my interview the prior month. Yes. Definitely sure.

The people who hired me may have started the Bonfire, but it remains a fire because of the community feeding it, and it in turn feeding the community. This interplay bolsters both community and company while also feeding me with what I need to enjoy the day, which typically ends with a beer. I love beer.