As we’re fond of saying around here, Bonfire Brewing began in a garage, before upgrading to a much larger garage. In 2012, the time came to upgrade to the big brother of all garages — 15,000 square feet of warehouse and office space that allows us to bring more beer to more Bonfire faithful.¬†As you might imagine, we ran around in circles shrieking like freed monkeys when we got the keys to the new building on Chambers Court. It was a wee bit more space than the metal box we were previously crammed into.

With two loading docks, up to 6000 BBLs of yearly brewing capacity to start, an innovative canning line, and room to grow, this expansion project immediately increased our production capability by 1000%. Beer flowing from our new facility began reaching lips last fall, and the equipment at 127 W Second St. continues to pump out small batch, experimental brews served solely at the tap room.  Deliciousness!