Tap Room

Our tap room is to our company as your heart is to your body.  Or whatever body part it is you value most — who are we to judge.  It started as an empty shell and has turned into an empty shell with stuff in it.  On the corner of Highway 6 and Second Street in Eagle, it’s the same location where every ounce of our pilot brews are produced and where we spend many of our days, nights, and dreams.  It’s where you can play an intense game of foosball, narrowly avoid being hit by a dart, take the 45-second tour of the brewery, meet your friends, make new ones, glare at your enemies or make amends, and perhaps enjoy a pint or two.  Or four, if it’s that kind of day.


Open seven days a week. Monday – Wedneseday 4pm – 10pm, Thursday & Sunday 12pm – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 12pm – Midnight.


Allowed, assuming they don’t have major behavioral or incontinence issues. Heck, even minor incontinence issues are a deal breaker.  In order to continue our open door dog policy without incident, we’ve developed these simple rules:

  • Keep your dog in sight at all times. It’s fine to let your well-behaved pup off his leash, but only with supervision. Do not let dogs wander behind the bar or into the brewing area. Dogs should NEVER be let out onto the patio unattended.
  • Clean up after your dog. Even the best-behaved dogs have accidents. Ask the bartender if you need clean-up supplies. This applies to the patio too!  If Fido asks to be let outside to relieve himself, take him on a leash off the brewery premises. Our staff likes presents, just not the stinky ones we discover late at night when closing. It happens way more often than you’d think.
  • Be respectful. Inappropriate social behavior (barking, humping, agression, etc) will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that some patrons may not be “dog people.” If your pooch’s behavior creates an unwelcome or uncomfortable environment for other customers, he’ll be asked to leave.


Yes — we have root beer! Best to bring them by during the hours of 4-7pm, before the professionals come out.


NO, we don’t make food, preferring to focus on our primary product — delicious beer. We do make some mean popcorn and will happily supply menus for a variety of restaurants within walking distance. You can also bring your own, if you’re into making that sort of effort to drink beer. Just note that outside alcohol is not allowed, and not included in the “bring your own” policy.


Yup! Password = b0nf!rebrew — that O in bonfire is a zero by the way. We know it’s hard — it doubles as a sobriety check. We take no responsibility for your ability or lack thereof to keep beer off your computer.

Mug Club

mug club mugAhh the storied mug club.  Here’s the deal.  We started out with 60 mugs in our mug club.  All the mugs are handmade by Bonfire’s infamous “Mom” Marion Jessen, and no two are exactly alike.  Each one is roughly 20 oz. and is numbered.  Members of the mug club enjoy the privilege of drinking from their own mug at the taproom, receiving those 20 oz. of liquid goodness for the same price as a 16oz pint, as well as Mug Club Mondays and a host of other special offers and benefits that come up throughout the year.  The cost of the mug club membership is $60 the first year, and $45 each year thereafter.
The Wait List: Well if everyone was in the club, it wouldn’t be much of a club now would it? When mug club renewal time rolls around each spring, existing members are given the choice to renew their membership or relinquish their mug.  Available mugs are then offered to the first people on the wait list.  The list has been hovering around 200 people long, which equates to about 5 years of patience.
The Auction:  But wait!  You do have one chance each year to hop to the front of the list.  Each November, at the Bonfire Brewing Anniversary Party, we induct a new mug number into the club through a live auction.  The amount of the winning bid all goes to charity, and the auction winner gets to choose the charitable recipient of their choice.

Jug Clubjug club

Do you find yourself frequently filling that glass or metal jug and then heading out for beer-accompanied adventures?  Then the jug club is for you.  As part of the exclusive jug club membership, you get one of the coolest growlers ever created — stainless steel, insulated (keeps your beer cold for 24 hours!), engraved, and equipped with a fancy “Grolsch” style cap.  Your membership entitles you to refill this vessel for only $7 for as long as you maintain your membership.  It also pretty much guarantees you to be the most popular guy or gal showing up at any party.  Want to join? Check out more details on our online store, or stop by the taproom.

Hopflowers: Ladies Beer Club

Join Eagle’s own ladies beer club for education, friends, and fun! The Hopflowers meet the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm, and all ladies are welcome to attend!  Read on for more information.