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All that good beer has to come from somewhere! Or in our case, two separate somewheres, working together in perfect beer harmony.  


Bonfire Brew Crew

Not to brag, but our brewers are as good as they come. From kitchens to garages to classrooms, their backgrounds are diverse, but their passion for the liquid we love so much is one and the same. Without these kick-ass guys and gals, we’d be stuck trying to sell sub-par fermented water instead of stupendous craft beer!

2nd St. Brewery & Taproom

Yes, we still brew at the taproom! Quite a lot, actually. You’d be surprised how thirsty the Eagle residents are. We also use the 7bbl taproom brewing system to crank out all the fun, unique, specialty brews you know and love. Often, these small batches are found only at the taproom, are limited in quantity, and usually don’t last long! Swing by and have a taste or two, and don’t forget to ask about the story behind the brew, the name, and how the style came to be! Planning a visit? Click the button to view our live tap list!

Chambers Ct. Production Facility

This is where we put our big boy pants on! Our 17.5bbl brewing system cranks out the beer that goes far and wide, in cans, bottles and kegs around the state of Colorado. Our biggest garage yet, this 15,000sf warehouse is also home to our canning and bottling operations, cold storage room, administrative offices, design studio, grain silo and mill, and supply storage. Want to find our beer near you? Check out our brewfinder.


how to get Bonfire beer

Want Bonfire beer in your fridge, restaurant, or at an event? Check out our options below to see the best methods of filling that empty fridge-hole. 

Packaged Beer

At a Liquor Store Near You

At the taproom and around the state, you can surely find Bonfire somewhere near you. Check the beer locator!


Want Bonfire Beer at Your Establishment?

Have a bar, restaurant, or liquor store that would be a good fit for Bonfire?


Beer for a Cause

Looking for donations for a non-profit event or cause? We can’t wait to hear about it! Fill out our request form.


Get In touch

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127 W. 2nd St.
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Taproom Hours

TUE: 4pm-10pm
WED - SUN: 12pm-10pm

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