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Ever find yourself drinking a Bonfire Brewing beer and wonder, “how the heck did this happen?” Well, read on, friend!

In the beginning…

Amazon. Microsoft. Apple. Bonfire Brewing. What do they have in common? They all started in a garage, of course! The original garage was quite small, and held a makeshift homebrew system on wheels that could be pushed out of the way to make room to park a car. A series of larger garages followed, ushering in a series of larger brewing systems, and as they say…the rest is history. 

Who makes it happen?

bonfire team

These folks make our world go round. No really, if Bonfire beer makes you happy, find one of these folks and thank them!

Andy jessen

Most everyone knows him as El Jefe, and before you know it, he’ll be the boss of you too! He loves Mexican Wrestling, unique Subarus of a certain “mature” age, and Brew Dog Wilma. He’s allergic to bullshit, and probably works harder than you 110% of the time. You’re fired! 

dylan o'malia

Also known as Dijon, Doodle, Dill Pickle, Dy-lon, and Quesadylan, he’s the science wiz of the brew crew. You’ve heard the saying silent but deadly? Well Dylan is silent but jovial. He prefers his puns to be intended, and only drinks beer on two occasions: when it’s his birthday and when it’s not. 

kira carlton

This one’s quite a pineapple – Hawaii grown and sweet as can be! She cares so deeply that she feels bad for seedless watermelons…because what if they wanted babies? Her dogs are her life, and you’d have to sift through a mountain of gold before you find her dirt. Perfect has 7 letters, and so does Kiraaaa. Coincidence? We think not. 

Jordan Sousan

He’s just a boy, standing in front of the taps, asking you to share a beer with him. Proud supporter of dangling from tall trees and sharp rocks, and believes that knowledge is like underwear: important to have but not necessary to show off. Ask him how big his truck is!

Mark Estep

Born in Japan, but Carolina proud! Currently working towards a degree with an emphasis in fantasy football. Goes by Big Mood and can quote Dumb and Dumber better than you and all your friends. Enjoys long walks to the fridge and hates folding laundry. Always gives 100%, unless he’s donating blood.

amanda jessen

She’s bad to the bone, without a bad bone in her body. Usually found in one of two forms: Athleisured or Fancy AF. She slays every day with a power drill in one hand and spray glitter in the other, and probably got more accomplished after you went to bed last night than most people do in a week. 

andie wooster

Full time dog mom, aspiring professional bowler, and brunch enthusiast who has never been a millionaire but knows she’d be an expert at that too. Originally from Texas, her new life in Colorado keeps her busier than a cat covering crap on a marble floor, and happier than a hog in mud. Well bless your heart, aren’t you precious?

doug fenske

If you don’t like cheese and the Green Bay Packers, are you even living? He’s a crooner turned beer slinger with the voice of an angel and the body of a gladiator (insert finger guns here). Just a regular stud muffin looking for his cupcake. Fly fishing and chill?

Casey Lammert

A local as true as our brews, Casey is the Valley girl you wish you were. She’ll out ski you with 10 little ones close behind, and is braver than an Ice Road Trucker. She used to be addicted to the hokey pokey, but then she turned herself around. Please don’t invite her to any more weddings.

Brew Cat Simon

Casually walks around like he owns the place and we let him believe he does. Bonfire CEO and supurvisor, is a professional at taking naps and catching mice (well sometimes). Goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

Fred Searles

New to the Bonfire crew, Fred is a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. Currently building out his Ford Transit so he and Peyton can live that sweet sweet #vanlife…because camping is INTENTS! He’s been called a dreamer, a hoper and a sugar coated idealist, but he’d like to think he’s more optimistic than that. 

jake lovett

Hails from the North Country and listens to the best darn band in the land (also from the North Country). They call him “Babe”, and he’s the greatest story teller there ever was – share a pale ale on his “office patio” and he’ll spin you a yarn. Longtime lover of short shorts, yoga, and the one they call “Toots”.

cheyenne richardson

Colorado unicorn. Cat obsessed…umm have you seen Brewcat Simon’s toes? She doesn’t always spend her entire paycheck in 2 days, but when she does, it’s a festival weekend. Want to know what ice feels like? Ask her the difference between a .jpg and a vector. 

patrick caron

You’re jealous of his hair and his parallel parking skills, but not his affinity for turning any situation uncomfortable. He spent his summer biking across Europe living trash can to trash can, sustainability at its best! He thinks of his job as “exercise” and somehow that makes him like it more. Thinks clothes are for amateurs.


May have a case of the wiggles. Doesn’t really care what’s going on unless you have a treat. Did we mention she has a foot fetish?

brian kunkel

He’s a lady killer, folks! If you come in the bar while he’s working, you’ll probably shut it down and still come back for more tomorrow. Movie aficionado – what’s your favorite? He’ll probably judge your choice, but in such a nice way you’ll end up agreeing with him.

Amber Griggs

She’s a determined dreamer who will confirm that her home state of Virginia is, in fact, for lovers. But don’t get all romantic just yet — Virginia is also for fearless female bartenders bursting with badassery. Live music is her spirit animal, and she pretty much wrote the book on fashionable fanny packs.

adrienne templeton

Has the mind of a chef and the heart of a brewer, wrapped up in a tiny but mighty package. She hiked more miles last week than you did last year, and can lift a keg with just her little finger. Insists that soy milk is actually just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish. 

Tanner Williams

They call him “Toots”, and chasing snowflakes is his mission…is it winter yet? Gets annoyed when forced to take off his snowboard and wear real shoes. He’s a bartending ninja with the heart of a lion who thinks his guitar is a part of his wardrobe. Can we get this guy a dog already? Whatever you do, don’t mention his resemblance to Lord Farquaad.


Is having more fun than you 110% of the time. Went on 5 hikes this weekend and still isn’t tired. Want to find her in a crowd? Just look for the tail. 

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